The Society is one of the few to hold regularly weekly meetings from September to April. In addition there are sociable monthly meetings in the "close" season in nearby Knowle.
The Programme Secretary provides a diverse range of guests and presentations. The Society has eight frames each holding 16 sheets making 128 sheets per half.
Members interests range from stamps, postal history, postal stationery, postcards and even postal orders.
All meetings start at 2:00 pm.
The clubhouse is open 30 minutes before the meeting for members to look through the many auction catalogues and sales lists which we receive on a regular basis, borrow books and catalogues from the Society Library, order accessories, ask about any philatelic matters, buy, sell, or exchange stamps with other members or simply have a drink and an informal chat.
If you intend to sell all or part of your collection, or have a friend or member of your family, we may be able to advise you how to dispose the collection.
For further details phone the Secretary, Paul Woodness 01564 776 879.
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